PRESS RELEASE: UBI Solutions is pleased to announce its acquisition of TWIISTER SYSTEMS


UBI Solutions is pleased to announce the acquisition of TWIISTER SYSTEMS. TWIISTER SYSTEMS is a French company based in Lyon. Established in 2008, the company is specialized in the design of digital traceability solutions in logistics, transport and industry.TWIISTER SYSTEMS has developed a technological and commercial expertise especially for controlling an RFID environment and technologies related to connected objects. It is chaired by Mr. Foudil DEKHINET.

TWIISTER SYSTEMS has raised 750.000€ in funding in 2013.

Established in 2008, UBI Solutions connects objects by using RFID and NCF technologies in the cloud. Its solutions respond to companies acting in industries within the Supply Chain and Logistics, Hospitality and Leisure, as well as Automotive Markets. Based in Gennevilliers, it offers hardware, readers and software components as well as professional services integration. UBI Solutions has deployed more than 5.000 RFID devices producing more than 1 Billion events per year processed in its Ubi cloud system.

President of UBI Solutions is Mr. Fabrice Zerah.

Mr. Fabrice Zerah commented: "With this integration, we are expanding our global offering through the skills of TWIISTER SYSTEMS. This supports our commitment to achieving our growth objectives. TWIISTER SYSTEMS is a recognized player in France as well as few other countries and a company with employees with solid skills in a constantly evolving sector. Therefore, TWIISTER SYSTEMS fits perfectly with our group's acquisition and operational strategy."

With this acquisition, UBI Solutions is expanding both its geographical presence as well as it technical and sales team.

"UBI Solutions was able to appreciate the real technological know-how that TWIISTER SYSTEMS has developed, to which UBI Solutions will bring its sectoral and organizational commercial expertise as well as a strong financial structure. This operation will support our current and our future customers with powerful and innovative solutions. Moreover, the teams of the two companies share the same values and the same passion for new technologies. Finally, the project presented by UBI Solutions has unanimously been approved by all employees of TWIISTER SYSTEMS including myself.", Foudil DEKHINET concludes.

From an operational point of view, the former TWIISTER SYSTEMS team is now the Lyon branch of UBI Solutions and is managed by Mr. Foudil DEKHINET.


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