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Article published in RFID Special LCT February 2019

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Article published in RFID Special LCT February 2019

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6 Questions to…

Jayne Davis, Director of Purchasing PPHE Hotel Group

PPHE Hotel Group (PPHE) is an international hospitality real estate group with a £1.6 billion portfolio of primarily freehold and long leasehold assets in Europe in leading cities, urban markets and resort destinations.

Jayne speaks about the benefits of introducing a Radio Frequency Identification ‘RFID’ system with the aim of enhancing the internal linen procurement system.  PPHE first introduced the RFID solution in 2017 in 22 hotels distributed across four regions; the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Hungary. 

What motivated the introduction of an RFID solution in your organisation?

We decided to move from using rental linen to purchased linen in 22 hotels in order to improve our control of this significant asset.  This change ensured we could monitor and control potential losses but also ensure that there would always be sufficient stock in circulation to maintain optimum productivity levels for our colleagues in housekeeping ahead of check-in and stays.

With rental linen the most often heard challenge was that the hotels did not have a regularly replenished level of linen available to service the bedrooms as required and a high number of hours were spent, chasing suppliers for delivery.

With the RFID system you get an improved overview over your linen flow. How did that change the daily operations?

The most immediate impact is that the words ‘linen shortages’ have been reduced from our vocabulary. Our housekeepers know that if they now regularly review stock levels in the system, they will always have access to sufficient levels.

We can now view where the stock is physically located be it at the laundries or on-property within our four regions with only 1% margin for error where historically it could be up to 5%. 

Having defined the minimum acceptable stock level, in conjunction with our laundry partners, we have full visibility of when stock has been ‘lost’ and can top up accordingly.

Did you experience team member resistance in the hotels towards the new system and how did you overcome it?

The time gap between identifying where the RFID readers should be located (surveys)and ‘going live’, between two to six months, was enough time for colleagues to get used to the operational change.   

We wanted to bring all team members on this new journey with us and explain the benefits of using the new system – great new quality linen, better control of stock; all with no shortages.

When we encountered challenges when implementing the system at a hotel, we worked closely with UBI to determine and formulate a solution. The most significant of these was the automatic ordering enhancement which is based on daily linen stock-checks at each hotel generating automatic replenishment and orders.

The engagement from the vast majority of team members has been overwhelmingly positive – so what can we do to make it better? Improving wi-fi coverage in back-of-house areas and ensuring colleagues are trained correctly in the use of the hand scanners are some examples of how we are working with UBI to make these changes within the business.

We were able to demonstrate, over a period of three months through both system and physical inventory checks, that there was 95% correlation in the stock levels when the system was used correctly.

What is your assessment after the 14 months since the installation of the UBI Solutions RFID system?

After 14 months of the system being live in the business and having gained feedback from our operational teams and managers (including our new Accommodation Services department in the United Kingdom), we are  confident that our teams have increased efficiencies and productivity and  have the tools available to do their jobs well.

Can you estimate the financial gain the RFID system brought to PPHE Hotel Group?

Based on our experience with using rental linen, we estimated a 20% annual ‘stock loss’ whether through damaged or lost stock. The levels at which we are now currently running with purchased linen are far below that.

What reasons convinced you to choose UBI Solutions’ system?

Having researched a number of different systems, the main reasons for choosing UBI Solutions were:

  • The ‘user-friendliness’ of their portal
  • The accessibility of data
  • The solutions-focus of the support team
  • The end-to-end solution i.e. can be used by us and our laundry partners


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Did you know that linen management is a problem for hotels?

Did you know that linen management is a problem for hotels? How do they ensure that the linen is always "perfect" and available in sufficient numbers? While we see every morning the staff preparing our rooms, we forget that behind these simple actions is one of the most important issue of a hotel in terms of costs and process.

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3rd of October 2017



Hôtel de Crillon, A Rosewood Hotel trusts

French Tech IoT Company UBI Solutions to Track High Quality Linen

French market leader for radio-frequency identification (RFID) applications, UBI Solutions, announces that they have equipped the fresh renovated and flagship Paris Hôtel de Crillon with RFID technology to track their entire new stock of bed linen and towels.

UBI Solutions RFID technology provides a complete Hospitality tracking system that is able to show stock levels, improve linen workflow, reduce losses and stock levels and extend linen life.

Hôtel de Crillon, has already been installed with UBI Solutions’ bespoke cloud based RFID equipment. The facility features the most advanced Hospitality Tracking Equipment available.

Fabrice Zérah, UBI Solutions’ President, said:

“We’re immensely proud to partner with Hôtel de Crillon The highest standards that Hôtel de Crillon imposes is a proof that UBI Solutions can deploy its technology in the most demanding industries. Hôtel de Crillon will benefit from our long experience in developing RFID Trace & Track solutions for hospitality customers as well as for other industries.

"Hôtel de Crillon will be able to take advantage of the cloud technology which makes it possible to accurately track the movements of hundreds of linen items.”


Further enquiries: UBI Solutions SAS. Fabrice Zérah. Tel: +33 9 81 76 04 01.

About UBI Solutions:

Paris based UBI Solutions, is a pioneer of RFID UHF based solutions. With more than 400 installations in the Hospitality, Laundry, Logistics, Retails, Process & Tool Management, Geolocation, Asset Management Industries, the BPI labeled company is one of Europe leading organization within the Internet of Things market.

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French Tech IoT Companies UBI Solutions and FENOTAG

to launch innovative textile tag with Impinj Monza R6-P RAIN RFID chip

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Paris, Marseille, Seattle 26th of August 2017. French market leader for radio-frequency identification (RFID) applications, UBI Solutions in partnership with Tag Producer FENOTAG are launching the new very small UbiTex 13 mm x 58 mm textile tag, built with the Impinj Monza R6-P tag chip, for laundry and hospitality applications.

UBI Solutions RFID technology provides a complete Hospitality and Laundry tracking system that shows real time and ideal stock levels, improves linen workflow, reduces losses and extends linen life. Reading in seconds, thousands of clean or dirty laundry articles in bulk, with the highest accuracy is key to the stability of this system. 

UBI Solutions has been deploying RFID UHF (also known as RAIN RFID) cloud-based textile applications since 2011. Over 100 sites have been equipped with the technology.  Some customers like Geodis, a French SNCF subsidiary, Fishers Services in Scotland, the laundry group Clean, Air France, AP-HP, one of Europe’s largest hospital laundry, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts’ flagship Hôtel de Crillon, are trusting UBI Solutions technology and experience.

FENOTAG and UBI Solutions have worked hand in hand to develop and deploy the new and extremely accurate UbiTex1358 textile tag as a core of the RAIN RFID textile solution. This new tag uses the durable Impinj Monza R6-P chip, for unique linen item identification and its suite of proprietary Impinj technologies to deliver the best performance in demanding laundry conditions. Impinj Auto Tune technology enables high performance in challenging environments like wet towels and soiled laundry by automatically adjusting the chip to the optimal radio frequency for communication with a reader. Impinj Integra diagnostics maximize data and chip integrity over prolonged high-intensity cycles.


Renaud Munier, Director, International Business Development, said:

“Working with Impinj and FENOTAG is a strong quality guarantee to be able to deliver the accuracy, speed and stability needed for reading millions of tags every day into our UHF Systems. The technology has proven that it is mature to help companies move towards a strong Industry 4.0 strategy. Regardless of the reading device (fixed or mobile), we can consolidate in real time millions of data-sets into our cloud-based big data application. Our customers can make better and faster decisions using the industry specific KPIs we are providing. They deliver better service and increase profitability at the same time”.

Didier Elbaz, FENOTAG President, said:

”Working with UBI Solutions, a RFID Solution provider, having proved a real efficiency in their system, and IMPINJ, the world leader for UHF RFID chip proposing the best in class component, permitting us to join the real “dream team”.

Thanks to our own flexible and fully automatized manufacturing line, we have been able to respond to our partner who was asking for a paradox: a smaller tag with bigger RFID performance. Such improvement has been achievable because of the impressive features proposed by the Monza R6-P chip from IMPINJ, and the FENOTAG innovative technology for the packaging. The UbiTEX1358S-R6, is showing today the best ratio SIZE / RF performance of the world.”

Carl Brasek, Impinj Senior Director of Product Management, said:

“Laundry solutions have unique needs for a RAIN RFID system due to their intense operating conditions. By taking advantage of the Impinj platform, UBI and FENOTAG have created a reliable tag that can stand up to these demanding requirements and deliver the high-quality data that the hospitality industry needs.

Further enquiries:

Renaud Munier,

UBI Solutions - Director, International Business Development

+33 6 58 01 18 57

Xavier Rodolfo

FENOTAG - Senior sales and marketing

+33 6 88 38 76 39

Jill West

Impinj Director, Marketing Communications


Notes to editors:

About UBI Solutions

Paris based UBI Solutions, is a pioneer of RFID UHF based solutions. With more than 500 installations in the Hospitality, Laundry, Logistics, Retails, Process & Tool Management, Geolocation, Asset Management Industries, the BPI labeled company is one of Europe leading organization within the Internet of Things market.


Based in ROUSSET, in south of France, FENOTAG is designing and making its own fully automatized manufacturing equipment enabling to produce numerous kind of tags with unlimited features required by its customers.

With more than 25 years’ experience in the Semiconductor, FENOTAG’s Engineering team has developed and patented many RFID tags in HF and UHF, with some of them being the reference in the market.

For FENOTAG, there is no small customer. There is always a new demand with a new market approach and a challenge to take up.

Please contact our sales: or visit our web site for more details:

About Impinj:

Impinj, Inc. (NASDAQ: PI) wirelessly connects billions of everyday items such as apparel, medical supplies, automobile parts, luggage and food to consumer and business applications such as inventory management, patient safety, asset tracking and item authentication. The Impinj platform uses RAIN RFID to deliver timely information about these items to the digital world, thereby enabling the Internet of Things.

Impinj, Monza, Auto Tune, and Integra are trademarks or registered trademarks of Impinj, Inc.

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PRESS RELEASE: UBI Solutions is pleased to announce its acquisition of TWIISTER SYSTEMS


UBI Solutions is pleased to announce the acquisition of TWIISTER SYSTEMS. TWIISTER SYSTEMS is a French company based in Lyon. Established in 2008, the company is specialized in the design of digital traceability solutions in logistics, transport and industry.TWIISTER SYSTEMS has developed a technological and commercial expertise especially for controlling an RFID environment and technologies related to connected objects. It is chaired by Mr. Foudil DEKHINET.

TWIISTER SYSTEMS has raised 750.000€ in funding in 2013.

Established in 2008, UBI Solutions connects objects by using RFID and NCF technologies in the cloud. Its solutions respond to companies acting in industries within the Supply Chain and Logistics, Hospitality and Leisure, as well as Automotive Markets. Based in Gennevilliers, it offers hardware, readers and software components as well as professional services integration. UBI Solutions has deployed more than 5.000 RFID devices producing more than 1 Billion events per year processed in its Ubi cloud system.

President of UBI Solutions is Mr. Fabrice Zerah.

Mr. Fabrice Zerah commented: "With this integration, we are expanding our global offering through the skills of TWIISTER SYSTEMS. This supports our commitment to achieving our growth objectives. TWIISTER SYSTEMS is a recognized player in France as well as few other countries and a company with employees with solid skills in a constantly evolving sector. Therefore, TWIISTER SYSTEMS fits perfectly with our group's acquisition and operational strategy."

With this acquisition, UBI Solutions is expanding both its geographical presence as well as it technical and sales team.

"UBI Solutions was able to appreciate the real technological know-how that TWIISTER SYSTEMS has developed, to which UBI Solutions will bring its sectoral and organizational commercial expertise as well as a strong financial structure. This operation will support our current and our future customers with powerful and innovative solutions. Moreover, the teams of the two companies share the same values and the same passion for new technologies. Finally, the project presented by UBI Solutions has unanimously been approved by all employees of TWIISTER SYSTEMS including myself.", Foudil DEKHINET concludes.

From an operational point of view, the former TWIISTER SYSTEMS team is now the Lyon branch of UBI Solutions and is managed by Mr. Foudil DEKHINET.


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UBI Solutions will be exhibiting at Texcare international, the world market exhibition for modern textile care, 11 to 15 June in Frankfurt am Main

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Fishers Laundry Group selects UBI Solutions innovative RFID UHF Textile Tracking Solutions.

Innovative alliance to keep track of laundry 

French market leader for radio-frequency identification (RFID) applications, UBI Solutions, and Scottish market-leading textile services company, Fishers Laundry Group, announce their collaboration to equip Fishers’ laundries with RFID technology to track their entire stock of bed linen and towels.

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UBI Solutions RFID technology provides a complete laundry tracking system that is able to show stock levels, improve linen workflow, reduce losses  by up to 30% and extend linen life. 

Fishers’ new ‘super laundry’ near Glasgow, Scotland, which launched last month, has already been installed with UBI Solutions’ bespoke cloud based RFID equipment. The facility features the most advanced laundry tracking equipment available and is among the most energy efficient plants in Europe. The new laundry has the capacity to wash, dry and iron up to 600,000 items of linen a week. The plant also features high tech camera inspection equipment for quality assurance.

RFID tagging has already been completed on all of Fishers’ own range of linen, the ZHEN range. The launch of Fishers ZHEN has presented an ideal opportunity to combine luxury linen with tracking technology. Sheets, duvets and towels have been discreetly “tagged” and Fishers is able to instantly identify thousands of items being returned to, or leaving, its laundries. 

Michael Jones, Fishers’ Managing Director, said: 

“At Fishers we are committed to innovating and RFID technology provides us with the opportunity to better control stock, identify where each item has been, see how many times items have been washed and ultimately deliver a better service to our customers. 

“UBI Solutions has provided a bespoke product that meets our needs and we look forward to continuing our partnership.” 

Renaud Munier, UBI Solutions’ Business Development Director, said: 

“We’re immensely proud to partner with Fishers as our first customer in the UK market. Fishers will benefit from our long experience in developing RFID Trace & Track solutions for laundry customers as well as for other industries. 

"Fishers will be able to take advantage of the cloud technology which makes it possible to accurately track the movements of hundreds of thousands of linen items.”

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Meet us at the LCT CleanEx, stand 71 and discover our RFID UHF based Textile Management solution.

Click here to book your appointment with us.

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Meet us at SITL, Hall 6 stand C39 and discover our RFID Cloud based logistics solutions.


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UBI SOLUTIONS is proud to announce that it became a member of The Textile Services Association (TSA), as a supplier of RFID UHF Solution for laundries.

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The TSA is the trade association for textile care professionals. 
Their Membership ranges from large multi-site public companies to small family businesses. Among their membership you can also find several suppliers for the laundry market which help launderers with their activity, either for equipment, linen or RFID supplier like us.The TSA also provides invaluable information about the Laundry market in UK and EU, as well as representing our interest in those markets and the media. 
To know more about the TSA follow the <a href="

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logo_chateau_de_versailles.png - 73KoUBI Solutions has launched a sponsorship programme and is equipping the Château de Versailles with an RFID-based visitor identification system.

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qui_sommes_nous_01.pngUBI Solutions has joined the Oseo Excellence cluster. This cluster brings together the 2000 French companies with the highest potential.

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logo_apropos.png - 19KoUBI Solutions is increasing its capital by €1,000,000 to keep pace with its growth.

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RFID for the laundry. Stock reduction, significant ROI. Mr Luc VIDEAU, technical director of the Saint Germain en Laye's laundry, presents the UBI Solutions solution for RFID flat laundry traceability


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RFID on the Rails UBI Solutions is deploying a duvet management solution across the whole SNCF network. Watch the speech by Frederic FRASSAINT, Geodic project director at the CNRFID


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Thanks to the UBI Cloud Track & Trace solution, SITA can trace hazardous waste at all times.
A traceability and mobility solution from the producer
to the incinerator.

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Press release


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The Ortec Group and Ubi Solutions are developing
a world-first environmental maintenance operation
virtualisation solution based on Google Glass™ technology.

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Press release in French and English