Among other factors, the success of your project depends on how you choose the people involved in your project and the clear definition of their roles and responsibilities.

UBI Solutions's project management organisation involves several actors:

Project manager, Technical architect, Project engineer, Application consultant, Development manager and Developers.

A Project is managed in several stages:

Project initialisation

Project planning and organisation

Project control

Project closure

To meet lead times and obtain the highest quality, UBI Solutions has a structured and tried and tested approach to project management.

Meeting objectives involves providing the actors involved with the assistance they need.

Among all the applications to be carried out, UBI Solutions can offer you a team dedicated to project management.

This team is integrated into the project team from the suitability phases, then takes on a more significant role until the system is started.

The following objectives are involved in your project:

-Match up users with the new task vision
-Build the new structure in terms of skills and functions
-Perform the skills transfer
-Build and strengthen the new activity support environment