We propose a solution enabling you to manage your structures and infrastructure and those of your client.

A simple Internet browser provides you with easy access to all your assets on a map. So, you can consult characteristics, events, documents and operations easily. Operators in the field have a PDA to carry out their daily tasks, collect information and locate structures.

Advantages of the solution:

  • Manage your infrastructure and structures
  • Consult and update your data simply due to a web tool built around a powerful search engine
  • Manage your structure and life cycle (creation, maintenance, measurements, etc.)
  • Place and consult your items on a simple, evolving map (Google Maps, Microsoft VirtualEarth and soon IGN Geoportail)
  • Combine your documents, photos, videos, minutes and inspection reports
  • Generate your current documents automatically (estimates, invoices, etc.)
  • Identify your structures via GPS, bar codes or RFID chips

Assist your daily operations:

  • Plan your operations or those of your service providers
  • Manage your requests and customer calls and assign them to the right operators
  • Access your information wherever you are and update it using simple, adapted tools (PDA, Tablet, PC)
  • Monitor your vehicles and optimise your movements and operation times
  • Offer your lone workers protection thanks to the individual protection system (PTI)
  • Consult the progress of your work and operation campaigns in real time

Facilitate communication and information exchange:

  • [For service providers] Your customers have access to their data
  • [For end customers] Let your service providers update their work directly
  • Export your data easily to OpenOffice or Microsoft Office
  • Simplify your reporting by sending your work reports automatically by email
  • Receive an alert if some conditions arise (Threshold exceeded, large number of faults, etc.)
  • You choose what your departments or customers can see or update