The advantages of the solution:

  Control all of your operations


  Manage all your technicians in a single base


  Reduce administrative time and virtualise all documents


  An extranet for your customers to see all their operations with management of their reading rights

UBI Solutions has developed operations management solutions.

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The UBI Cloud-based solution makes it possible to communicate with a PDA/Smartphone.

This solution is suitable for all service companies:
Lift manufacturers / Collectors / Cleaner / Repair / Maintenance, etc.

The UBI Cloud solution for operations is highly flexible and adapts to suit
customer's business requirements.

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It has the following features:

  • Operations management
  • Preventive and curative maintenance
  • Employee geolocation
  • Scheduling management
  • Traceability base to manage vehicles, assets, equipment, etc.
The challengesSolutions
Identify vehicle and/or driver locations UBI provides real-time vehicle and driver location information and keeps a log.
Time sheet monitoring and inspection UBI Cloud enables quick assessment of all vehicle/driver working hours, which may then be used to check time sheets.
Vehicle and/or driver under-utilisation UBI Cloud traces the full vehicle/driver activity over a given period, highlighting the vehicles / drivers who are under-utilisation or not used at all.
Lack of real-time delivery status information UBI Cloud provides real-time information on vehicle-/driver- status throughout the day, including the status of all the tasks assigned to this vehicle / driver.
Keep in touch with mobile employees UBI Cloud provides real-time updates in both directions on work and deliveries, as well as messaging between users and scheduling.
Mobile employee under-utilisation UBI Cloud remotely traces all employee activities over a given period, while allowing a map-based view of all movements.
Respect for legislative, health and safety standards UBI Cloud provides real-time vehicle status information and sends real-time warnings in the event of excess speed or dangerous driving.
High fuel and maintenance costs UBI Cloud generates instant warnings in the event of dangerous driving, excess speed or vehicle use outside working hours. It also provides fuel consumption information to help identify excessive fuel consumption.
Guarantee staff safety UBI Solutions generates real-time warnings if an asset is moved outside its authorised zone or if there is no activity on an asset outside working hours.
Inefficient driving and excessive slow-down UBI solutions generates real-time warnings for any dangerous driving or excessive slow-down / stopping and may generate a detailed list of all cases of dangerous driving or excessive slow-down / stopping (including vehicle and driver, as well as the time and location of the incident).