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UBI Cloud Geoloc is the solution for locating
your employee's vehicles at all times

UBI Cloud Geoloc enables you to:

  • Geolocate your vehicles on a map in real time (position sent back every 5 seconds)
  • Optimise your operation times by assigning tasks to the closest vehicles
  • Take advantage of daily statistics (mileage, driving time, departure and arrival time, etc.)
  • Generate daily monitoring documents (road map, list of stops, etc.)
  • Archive the movement history and consult it in the event of a dispute
  • Monitor your vehicles in the event of theft (real-time position, alert when entering or exiting a zone)
  • Guide your operators via the navigation tool (field notebook or fixed tool)
  • Access this information easily over the Internet, regardless of how many sites you have
  • Mobile phones may also be located and integrated into the solution
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UBI Cloud Geoloc advantages:

  • Simple, quick installation
  • Reduction in miles travelled and fuel costs,
  • Reduction in CO2 emission,
  • Optimisation of your team's time: less time spent on the road = more time on your customer's premises and more operations carried out,
  • Integrated offer with the UBI Cloud for Operations solution,
  • Solution may be accessed directly over the Internet; you do not need to install any software or servers in your company,